Red Ara Macaw

The Red Ara or Ara Macao is a large colorful parrot living in the American rain forests. This is the national bird of Honduras.


The red macaw is 84 to 86 centimeters in length, more than half of which corresponds to the long pointed tusks typical of all macaws. It weighs an average kilogram. If some individuals can live for more than 100 years1, the average lifespan is 80 years [ref. necessary].

The plumage is essentially scarlet, but the feathers of the rump and top of the tail are light blue, the top of the wings is yellow, the ends of the feathers of the tail and the upper part on either side of the pinnae Of the wings are dark blue and the underside of the wings and the pines of the tail are dark red with golden metallic reflections. Some individuals may have green on the wings near the yellow band. Three subspecies have differences in the width of the yellow band on the wings. The naked skin around the eyes is white to the beak. Smaller white spots are also found on…

Can lion kills a Tiger ?

Historically, the comparative advantages of the lion against the tiger was a subject of discussion by hunters, naturalists, artists and poets, and continues to inspire popular imagination today. Lions and tigers have competed in nature where Their ranges have been superimposed. They have also faced captivity, whether in deliberate competition or as a result of accidental encounters.


In ancient Rome, the poets Dion and Marcial refer to some of the animals that were used. Dion speaks of the hunting of cranes and another one in which four elephants appeared,  while Marcial mentions elephants, lions, leopards, at least one tiger, hares, pigs, bulls, bears, wild boars, a rhinoceros, a buffalo and a bison . Other exotic animals may have been used that are not mentioned in the sources. In an epigram, Martial relates that a coach got his tigress to be able, on the one hand, to approach to lick his hand, and on the other, to rip a lion in his rage, which Marcial describes as "a th…

What are the differences between Bengal Tigers and Siberian Tigers in Physical?

They are very similar.
Both belong to the species Panthera Thigris, the Bengal tiger is known by its scientific name Panthera Tigris Tigris while the Siberian tiger for its part is called by its scientific name Panthera Tigris Altaica. At first sight they are very similar animals, but they have very marked differences.
If you are not an animal expert or you are not well documented, you can confuse them very easily. That is why in ExpertoAnimal we want to share with you the differences of these two animals; Ranging from the place where they live, their food and their adaptation to the environment among others.

Continue reading and also discover some curiosities of these beautiful animals, which are positioned as the largest cats in the world. Do not wait any longer and look at the differences between the Bengal tiger and the Siberian tiger.

The general idea that we have of the tonality of a tiger is orange-yellow / orange-reddish / reddish-yellow ... with black vertical stripes.
But due to …

How old is a bee?

Bees are social insects that have evolved from wasps. For this reason, it is believed that the first bees were predators of other insects and that, over time, they have fed their pollen pups instead of insects until they feed exclusively on pollen. Bees are found in all habitats where they have flowers, as they are adapted to feed only on pollen and nectar. The bees we habitually see in the field are working females who are not sexually developed. Life expectancy of a be e.

As with wasps,the life cycle of bees depends mainly on the type of bee we are analyzing. Working bees (sterile females) live on average 45 days, drones (fertile males) have a life expectancy of around 3 months and queen bees can reach 5 years of age provided the weather conditions are favorable. The bees live in colonies formed by a queen bee, drones and worker bees. Queen bees have the sole task of laying eggs to create the new generation of bees. When the queen bee dies, the workers feed a working bee with roy…

How old is a white rhinoceros?

The white rhinoceros is one of the 5 types of rhinocerótidos that exist at present. It is likewise the biggest rhino species on the planet: a grown-up can achieve 3,500 kg and achieve 4 meters in length and 1.8 meters high. The white rhinoceros really has dark skin, in spite of the name given to it by the English result of the homophony of "white" with the Dutch word for width. The last alludes to the expansive lip which, together with the projection on the back and the more pointed ears, are particular elements of this rhinoceros. 

Future of a white rhinoceros

White rhinos have a future like that of elephants, since they normally live between around 40 and 50 years, albeit a few people are blessed to achieve 60 years of life, a high figure for a warm blooded animal land.

Of the two existing subspecies of white rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum cottoni, with just four people in August 2006, is basically imperiled, that is, it runs a to a great degree high danger of …